Uno Game Rules

Uno Game Rules


UNO game rules are easy and simple to teach. It is an excellent play for kids and adults to play together (suggested age for children is 7 years and above, but you could surely try it with more junior teenagers). Every game includes only five to ten minutes to play, so it is accurate for those with tiny concentration spans or only a few minutes to play.

UNO game rules include that the game is played using a set of 108 cards in 4-color groups, numbered from 0 to 9: 19 blue, 19 green, 19 red, and 19 yellow. The set also carries 8 “Skip” cards, 8 “Draw Two” cards, 8 “Reverse” cards, 4 “Wild” cards and 4 “Wild Draw Four” cards. A fresher version of UNO game rules will involve “Wild Swap Hands” and “Wild” customizable cards, two of each. Just exclude them if you favor traditional UNO. Here is a summary of the UNO game rules:


Purpose: The purpose of UNO is playing all the cards in your hand. When only 1card is left, the cardholder needs to yell “Uno!” informing other members that he or she is left with the last card in his or her hand.

Appointing a dealer: A simple draw of cards decide the play’s dealer; the member who takes the card with the largest numerical value deals. If a member picks a non-numerical card, he or she put it back to the set and picks another.


Q: What are the rules of Uno?

  • Number of members: min 2 and max 10.
  • Playtime: 20 minutes.
  • Challenge: first, drop your cards. On this, this round finishes and the points are calculated by the remaining cards on the hands.
  • Win. You can calculate the points in two ways – as you like.


Q: How do you play UNO?

  1. Rearrange the cards and distribute 7 cards to each member.
  2. Place the remaining Uno cards in the middle of the desk.
  3. Turn over the first card from the draw pile to begin the play.
  4. Drop a card to meet the color, number, or symbol on the card.
  5. Pick a card from the draw pile if you cannot play a card.


Q: Can you put Draw 4 on a draw 2?

Members are not permitted to stack Draw 2 and Draw 4 cards. If anybody drops a +4 card, you have to draw 4 and your turn is skipped. … ‘Did you all remember that you can only drop the Draw 4 Wild card if you have no extra cards of the same color that can be dropped??!


Q: Can you put multiple cards down in UNO?

You cannot drop two cards on one move. So if it is your move, and you have two cards remaining, then before you put one of the cards down you have to yell “Uno.” Later you are left with one card, which you will drop (if possible) on your next move. … In addition, if you have the same cards you can play both in the same go.


How to play: In uno game rules each member is distributed with seven cards at the start of the game, with the left ones placed facedown to form a “draw” pile. The first card of the draw pile is turned over to start a “discard” pile.

The first member must match the card in the discard pile unless by number, color or word. For instance, if the card dropped is a red 7, the next member must drop a red card either a 7 of any color. The member can also drop a Wild or a Wild Draw Four card, the end only if he or she does not have a suitable card in that color. If the member does not have a suitable card, he or she need to pick a card from the draw pile and dropped it, if possible.

If the card picked from the draw pile isn’t suitable, the next member must get his or her turn. When a member has only 1 card remaining, he or she must call “Uno!” If the player skips to call “Uno!”, he or she has to pick 2 cards from the draw pile. So much for coming victory.

Once a member has no cards remaining, the round is over. Points are calculated, and the dealer distributes new cards to every member.

According to UNO game rules, Winning UNO is simple. When a member drops all his or her cards, the opponents calculate their scores based on their remaining cards. Numbered cards are face value, colored cards are meriting 20 points and Wild cards are meriting 50 points. The first member to drop all of his or her cards gets scores for the cards remaining in the other members’ hands. The first member to reach 500 points is announced as the winner.