Uno Attack Rules

Uno Attack Rules

UNO Attack Rules Description:

Uno Attack is a famous modification of the original Uno game that includes an automated card shooter. The shooter has a press button, and when pushed, 0-12 cards can be shot out.

Uno Attack is also distinguished as Uno Extreme in Canada and the UK. Very related to the latest Uno Blast, Uno attack rules join the gameplay of Uno with the joy and inconsistent of a card launcher.

Every set contains 112 cards and a battery-powered launcher. The launcher machine itself has been renewed by Mattel to a smoother variant and the number of cards and their classes has been improved.


The member who drops all cards gains points based on the cards left in competitors’ hands as follows per uno attack rules:


All cards through 9 —– Face Value

Reverse —————-    20 Points

Skip ——————–    20 Points

Hit 2 ——————–   20 Points

Discard All ————- 30 Points

Trade Hands ———–   30 Points

Wild ——————–   50 Points

Wild All Hit ———— 50 Points

Wild Hit-Fire ———- 50 Points


In uno attack rules the first member to attain 500 scores wins. Though, the game maybe win by having a running sum of the scores each member is caught with at the end of each hand. When one member touches 500 scores, the member with the least points is the winner.


Q: How to Win the Uno Attack?

Members must call “Uno” when they first drop their second last card. If another member gets them not calling “Uno”, the member has to push the Launch button 2 times. Once you drop all your cards before any other member, you win the game.

Q: How many cards are in a deck of Uno Attack?

112 cards

Uno Attack includes 112 cards, including the colored number cards, the foreknown Reverse, Skip, Wild and Draw Two cards, and the extension of the “Wild Hit Fire” card.

Q: What is the difference between UNO attack and Uno extreme?

Unsourced stuff may be examined and discarded. The major difference between uno attack rules 2019 and the original uno rules is that instead of picking cards, members push a button on the card launcher, which shoots out a random number of cards at random times.

Q: Can you pick up and put down in UNO?

On the one hand, he can put down a Wild card. If the member cannot drop a card, he must pick one from the draw pile. If the card picked up can be dropped, he is free to put it straight down. … When a member has only one card left, he must call “UNO”.


Action Cards in Uno attack rules and card meanings:

  • Discard All – When performed, this card allows one to get relieved of all his/her cards that are of the identical color as it. You can also drop it on top of another Discard All card. If the first card of the play appears to be a Discard All card, the first member starts to play with a card of similar color (or different Discard All).
  • Reverse – Reverses the run of the play from clockwise to anti-clockwise, and vice versa.
  • Skip – When performed, the next member, in turn, must miss his/her turn. If used up at the start of the play, the first member miss his/her turn.
  • Wild – This card allows the one who drops it to choose whatever color he/she wants, and it can be dropped at any turn.
  • Hit 2 – Perform this card to order the next member to press the Launcher button 2 times. If cards come out, that member must get them all, but he/she cannot play anything and their turn is missed. If this is the first card turned up, the first member must press the Launcher 2 times.
  • Wild Attack-Attack – If you perform this card, you have to select anyone to “attack”, as well as any color you want. Move the shooter towards the member that you are “attacking” and hit the launcher button 2 times. That “attacked” member must collect all the cards that shoot out and game then proceeds with the next member.