Rules of Uno

Rules of Uno


Rules of uno are given below


  • The following member is “skipped”.


  • Converts the direction of the game.

Draw 2:

  • The following member must pick 2 cards and miss a turn.

Draw 4:

  • Replaces the current color and the following member must pick 4 cards and miss a turn.

Wild Card:

  • Perform this card to replace the color to be matched.

Challenge Draw 4:

  • If you believe the member who performed a Draw 4 on you has a card of the same color, you can challenge this member. If you are correct, this player must pick 4 cards rather than you. Unless you’ll draw 4 cards and 2 extra cards!

Challenge UNO:

  • Challenge your competitor for not yelling UNO. If they are caught, your competitor must pick two cards!

Rules of uno stacking:

  • uno rules stacking and uno rules stacking draw 4 and draw 2:
  • +2 and +4 cards can be stacked. +2 can only be stacked on +2. Can only play a +2 on a +2 if containing a +2 and +4. A member that can’t add to the stack must pick the total.


  • When someone plays a 7, that member must exchange hands with another member. When anyone plays a 0, everyone exchanges hands in the direction of the game.

Force Play:

  • If you pick a playable card, it will be performed automatically.


Q: How do you play UNO?

  1. Rearrange the cards and distribute 7 cards to each member.
  2. Place the remaining Uno cards in the middle of the desk.
  3. Turn over the first card from the draw pile to begin the play.
  4. Drop a card to meet the color, number, or symbol on the card.
  5. Pick a card from the draw pile if you cannot play a card.


Q: Can you put a Draw 4 on a draw 4?

Members are not permitted to stack Draw 2 and Draw 4 cards. If anybody drops a +4 card, you have to draw 4 and your turn is skipped. … ‘Did you all remember that you can only drop the Draw 4 Wild card if you have no extra cards of the same color that can be dropped??!

Q: How many cards can you put down in UNO?

You can’t drop two cards on one turn. So if it is your turn, and you have two cards remaining, then before you drop any of your cards down you need to yell “Uno.” Then you are left with one card, which you will drop (if possible) on your next turn.

Q: When can you play a draw 4 in UNO?

According to the official rules of uno, “When you drop this card (Wild Draw 4 Card), you have to choose the color that proceeds game PLUS the next member must pick 4 cards from the DRAW pile and lose their turn.


Rules of UNO

At the start of the play, each member is dealt with 7 cards randomly. The remaining cards are placed face down – this is the deck. The first card from the deck is curved over, placed next to and becomes the first card of the “Discard” deck.


The game begins “clockwise”. The first member is next to the dealer (the dealer becomes each round, normally clockwise). Through his turn, the member has the power to put one card on the “Discard” deck according to the following rules of uno:

Or the card should be a similar color.

Or the card must have the equal digit, or the same photo (be active), or be a black active card.

In the lack of a proper card, the member picks one card from the deck randomly. If the card matches requirements of the above rules of uno – the member can drop the card on the deck “Discard”, if not satisfied – the member skips the card himself, speaks “Pass” and the turn goes to the next member.

The play proceeds until one of the members drops all the cards. After that, the points by the left cards are calculated. The winners are decided according to the results of various rounds.