Drunk Uno Rules

Drunk Uno Rules


Drunk Uno rules turns a traditional card game into an interesting social drinking play that can be experienced by everyone – just take some drinks and a set of uno cards


Play UNO as usual except for the following drunk uno rules.


Drunk Uno rules By Michael Stig – plan to become wasted playing a fun, social card game with your buddies!

1 Drink =1 mouth full of beer.

“A suggestion from someone who’s acted this many times…use a case of beer, this game is Cruel!”

Rule 1:

If you can’t drop a card from your hand, pick up a card. If you can drop that card you’re safe, if not then you have to drink.

Rule 2:

If you are skipped or reversed on drink.

Rule 3:

When an official wild card is dropped it is a social drink. Everyone drinks including the member who drops the card. If a +4 wild is dropped all members drinks 1 including the dealer and if the next member can’t drop a card they drink 5 (1 social drink and 4 for the +4).

Rule 4:

Same as usual Uno +2 & +4 cards stack but only +2 with +2 cards and +4 with +4 cards. These are also drinks.

For example, if I drop a +2 card and the following member plays a +2 card and the next can’t drop a card then they must pick up 4 cards and also have 4 drinks.

Rule 5:

The only difference between the original Uno rules and the drunk uno rules is that in original Uno rules you can reverse a +2 or +4 provided you have the color reverse it’s changed also. This is to make the game interesting when drink shots are on the line. You can’t skip +2 or +4 cards.

Rule 6:

If a member drops their second last card and does not speak Uno then all the members playing has a timeframe to ask them out on it. This time margin is the time between them letting go of the card and the following member dropping or picking up a card. The member also has this time margin to speak Uno if they remember. Once the following member has actioned their turn with it going un-noticed they are secure.

If you are caught out on not speaking Uno you must complete the rest of your drink, pick up 8 cards. If it is nearly empty you must take a full new drink.

“Members at every time must display their cards so people can attempt to get members out on Uno”.

Rule 7:

Give attention!

Once you have played several games players will start to get drunk.

If at any occasion you miss to notice it is your turn or you misremember which color to play, then DRINK!

Rule 8:

Once any member wins all players count their cards. Each card = 1 Drink and all +2 and +4 cards accumulate as well.

Rule 9:

If the cards in your hand are finished, rearrange the cards that have been set up and keep playing unless you have a Winner.

Please remember to drink carefully! This alcohol drinking game is not intended to lead to you becoming sick due to the over-consumption of alcohol.


Q: How do you play drunk Uno with liquor?

Drunk uno rules with liquor are when the opponent drops a “Skip” or “Reverse” card and you are the one that skips a turn, you drink. When a member has one card remaining, he/she must yell “UNO“. If “UNO” is not said and any opponent notes, the player with one card must finish his/her beer and pick 5 cards.

Q: What does shuffle hands mean in UNO?

When the ‘Shuffle Hands’ card is performed, the member who performed the card must get everyone’s hand and shuffle them collectively. Then they divide them equally among all members.

Q: How many cards do you get in UNO?

Seven cards

UNO is one of the world’s most famous family card games, with uno rules easy very for kids, but trials and very excited for all generations. First, distribute seven cards to each member. The left cards should be set face-down, to form the “draw” pile.


Q: How do you play Uno cards with Kings Cup?

Drunk UNO rules mixed with Kings Cup rules

Put a cup in the center. Each time a plus-four card is picked, something happens related to Kings Cup: The first member who picks a plus-four card is allowed to pour alcohol of his selection into the cup.